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About our founder

An expert restringer & coach

Been in the game of tennis since picking up a racket over 30 years ago.

A few reasons to use us


Our founder and your racket restringing technician is Ionut Dragomir who is also a professional tennis coach. Ionut has been playing tennis since he was able to hold a racket, playing tennis in many countries.  

Our founder & your restringing expert hard at work restringing rackets

Ionut (Cornel as he is also known) had this to say…

“My passion for stringing rackets started over 15 years ago when I was working in Bari, Italy at a very prestigious tennis club. I soon learned how to string rackets to the highest of standards from expert stringers. I quickly found that I loved stringing rackets and was very good it at it”

The opportunity to study, coaching and further develop my skills through the LTA arose in 2010. As a result Ionut has become LTA and FIT qualified tennis coach.

In 2016 started working as a full time stringer at the Harbour Tennis Club in Chelsea. During one year alone we strung over 5000 rackets, working closely with players to deliver an exceptional service.

Our expert and the founder of My Stringer is in a unique position to not only string your racket, but give you advice tailored to your game and ability level. Not many other stringing companies or even shops can offer this level of service.


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OUR Mission


We make getting your racket restrung as easy as possible. We know it can be a pain breaking the strings on your racket. Then you have to visit a shop, drop it off and pick it up. It’s a hassle. 

Our service means you simply have to get in touch, arrange a time for us to collect your racket and we do the rest. The racket will be restrung and returned to your door. What could be easier.

As your racket stringing technician is also a tennis coach you get expert advice for FREE which means you get more than just a racket restring. 

For those who have an interest in what we do, you can even watch us as we restring your racket from outside of your home.

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Why us


We work with all types of brands, all types of string and in addition to that our advice and support is simply not found anywhere else. 

You can ask us questions and we can offer support as to your best options which will give you the confidence to get back on the court and play your best tennis.

To book in to have your tennis, squash or badminton racket restrung, please click on the button below.

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What our customers say

A really friendly guy and a great service. So convenient having someone come to your door, and within a few hours as well. Explained everything to make sure I got the right strings. Sorted my grip at the same time. Really impressive.
Liam Macrae
Google Review
Loved the experience with MyStringer. Never thought I could actually have someone coming to my house to string a racket! Worked like a charm. Ionut is very responsive and passionate about the job. Definitely 5 stars service
Damien pillon
Google Review
I'm so happy that this service exists! Super friendly, great communication, excellent quality. We are really happy with our rackets, paid the same price that the very rude man at the only tennis shop nearby charges, and we didn't even have to leave the house.
Chelsea Johnson
Google Review